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Kevin Eslinger


Artist and 3D Visualizer.

Under my belt: BFA from Art College of Design 1999. Prior to self employment, I worked as a product designer and developer. My work history included Gentle Giant, McFarlane Toys, Master Replicas, and Gaiam. 

My artistic work can be seen at

Wedding Visualizer spawned from my other company of 22 years, Lucky Onion Design and Stationery,  which I co-own with my wife. (  As Lucky Onion’s services offered more day-of stationery, we began to create larger installations for escort displays and other signage. This led into creating 3D renderings of our displays and later the entire event space. 

Wedding Visualizer is truly my passion project, gaining more and more traction each day. The combination of my art education and art career with product development and the events industry, I’m able to provide a holistic approach and unique vision for the renderings. Paired with the 3D technology, I am able to provide visually stunning works that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to depict using traditional methods.

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